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how to create a blog for free and make money

What is blog ?
Do not know how many things start to disturb our minds as soon as we hear the word blog and make money. But do we know? Have you done a blog and blogger, or how to create a blog for free and make money?
If we find out its literal meaning, let us understand it in a little practical way, we know that we get the information done from the daily newspaper, in this news of the country or abroad, business news and activities, information about the new article and more article.
OK, now you know that through a blog, a person’s personal experiences with him/her are past events or such information by which others benefit from it, is called a blog.
this we
1) Daily web can also be called
2) We can also call it the web daily dairy
This may be information or a past event.
The blogger sees a mirror to his viewers, through which viewers save their time and learn and learn what they want, Blogger your web diary via the Internet Updates more and more people.
What is benefits of writing a blog ?

i) It is a means of additional income .
Today’s era is the age of the Internet and every other person keeps in touch with more and more people, just by the Internet, every person wants to get everything in his life which he wishes, then blogging is a better option. Even people know that some bloggers do full-time blogging work and earn good money from blogs.

ii) Get better position – This is also based on the name and fame gain. The blog is an improbable medium through which you can earn your name, you can express yourself in front of others and also lion your passion.
iii) You can share your knowledge with others – by reading what you have learned in your life, other people can take advantage of it, thus it is a better way to share your knowledge with others.
 iv) Improve your writing skills – You can share your knowledge with others – by reading what you have learned in your life, other people can take advantage of it, thus it is a better way to share your knowledge with others.
v) Online earning money – You can earn a lot of money online by writing a blog and you can make your life enjoyable, you can find all that you can desire.
vi) Blogger get professional network :- Bloggers can build their professional network through blogs
vii) Get employment:- If you are unemployed, you can also find employment opportunities through blogging because many companies offer jobs on how your professional network or your influence on the Internet is.

viii) You can start your Business:- You can start your business by showing the outline of your thoughts.
ix) Get feedback:- From here you can get the feedback of your visitors immediately and keep a consistent balance from them.
x) You can ideal for your visitors:- you can ideal for your visitors and be a expert in your fields, people can contact you and collect thier mail.
besides this, you can promote your product
xi) You can help others :- You can help others to fulfill their dreams, you learn more and better and are motivated to move forward.
and you can increase your memory so there are so many benefits to write a blog posts.

now, we talk about How to start a blog.

Writing a blog is not a difficult task because you have taken the right decision.
Blogging is a platform through which we can give people what they want in their life by making a book of their heart and mind a mirror. Because your experience is a means of saving his time. If you (blog or blogging) are the sentence for writing blogging, then you have come to the right place.
Yes, you have to be a little patient because you have to create your own identity. We may not know how many experiences we can have.

LETS START- how to start a blog for free in India and earn money to grow.

Before we start, we also take a look at all the ways of this world – so that your moving vehicle gets a little fuel, and you keep going without stopping, which is also my aim.
Let’s know about this internet world!
Internet -: If we look at the past few years, then we know how much the trend of people has increased towards the Internet, today the number of internet users has reached 70 million and if we talk about India, then only India The number of Internet users in 699,000,000, which we now number 2.
Which you can guess yourself, how much we can reach our experience and thoughts,
o 179.7 million in 2013
o 24 million in 2014
o 356 million in 2015
o 628 million in 2014
o 503 million in 2014
o 550 million in 2014
Which has doubled since 2006?
So now let’s talk about what we have to do so that we too can make a balance by progressing in this internet world and like people, writing a blog is like a pinch for you. Whether or not you say that this time cannot be a good time (Blogging) to start blogging.
Yes, I can assure you that after reading this post, you will definitely like this post.
1. Before starting blogging, you only have to take care of some things.
o Step number 01:-
2. Decide – if you are reading this post then confirm that you have decided to write your blogging. o With this, you also have to decide what you want to achieve in your life through blogging. If you have not fixed any floor, how will the destination be completed? You have to be patient with it because we have to work very hard to get something. You know that there is no short cut to success.

Passions – so much to say patience. It is good, but it is equally difficult to maintain it – it is also a fact that if a person tries, then he can get a lot in his life. It is said that we do not have to do anything. Research or Study – Just you have to understand on which subject you want to write or we will say that you have to do a bit of deep study on which subject you can write well, because every person will automatically I have a book just until it does not open, hesitation or some fear, there are many things that stop our path but you do not have to panic, you have to go slowly but in a tortuous way, and come Believe that the floor will not be far away. So first of all, what is the master of yourself? Analyze yourself with yourself. Everything is with you. Yes. They can be your hobbies and interests. It can be a life experience.
It can be a personal topic of your company or a matter of health. 2015.
Online Making money.


Personality development.



Healt, Home decor

side too multi And may be subject |

so you’re performing your planning with no nervous but patience.

-: Let’s now keep in mind a little but some work.

• Once we decide, we have to choose the name of the blog (something descriptive should be).

what is Domain ?

Understand in short- If a class teacher calls one of the special children from a lot of children, then he has to say his name, he stands up like that when he speaks. When we search for something, we get the result we want to see. Like we wrote in the search bar.

keyword like this:-

When we search for something in the search bar, its result comes out in this way.

start a blog in india

And when we write the name of a company, its special character URL (URL) is like From the domain, we can search any website, every domain has an IP address which is This tells the browser that such a website is on and that is the reason why the domain name is easy for us to remember because of its IP address. 3) Now we want the domain, (how do we choose the domain)? And hosting, how to decide which will be better for us, believe that we will help you in choosing all these 

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name!

Here are some site names from which you can book your domain.
 Hiox India
Precaution: When buying a domain before booking, you should always keep some things in mind, what is that ?

1) The domain name must be short
2) Should be easy to speak
3) should be easy to remember
4) If possible, hyphen (-) and special character should be avoided
5) TLD Top Lavel Domain should be taken
4) It should be cosine that it resembles your business name.
7) It should not be a length (length), it can run for about 12 characters.

Now we tell you how to book a domain?
First of all type GO DADDY or any other company whose names have been mentioned to you by typing in Google search bar.
Like this.

iind step


When we type the domain name here, the page will not open in such a way that the name you search will be found, so we will search another name again.




create an account in go, daddy, and fill all information carefully and submit.


Now your Domain name has been registered.
So till now
Now let’s talk about hosting, which hosting should we take? Which proves to be better for our blog!
So while doing this, we will keep these things in mind.
Free SSL
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited storage
• The free domain name (Saving of $ 12 / year)
• Easy to use c Panel.
• Live chat support
• 30 days money-back guarantee

With this I would like to say that you also take care of your pocket in the beginning, initially, we can also get a cheaper plan, later it can be upgraded. But these points are told to you, it matters a lot.
To take hosting, you can also purchase hosting with the domain from the companies whose names have been told to take the domain. But it is better that you purchase hosting from sites like Go daddy blue host, site ground or hosting raja.
How set up your blog?

Till now how to get your domain, how to take hosting, now it is main work, that is to set up your blog
Some free themes word press and others according to your budget, but we will advise you to use free themes.
How to use a WordPress theme?
4) Now you have to see the magic of your pen and publish it
5) You have to promote so that more and more people can see it.
Just now you have to monetize your blog.
so don’t be loose about-
how to create a blog for free and make money

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